Make and print award ribbons

Write over and fill in the fields below and choose a style from the bottom drop down menu. Then, click make it.

Event or Reason for the award:
Student's First Name:
Student's Last Name:
Event, Date, or Place:
1st letter on ribbon:
2nd letter on ribbon:
3rd letter on ribbon:
4th letter on ribbon:
5th letter on ribbon:
6th letter on ribbon:
7th letter on ribbon:
Pick a ribbon style:

If headers and/or other page text are printing on your certificate, click on file and page properties. You can then turn off headers and footers.

If background and text print on separate pages or no text prints: Once you've made your certificate and before you hit print, go to 'file' and then 'page settings' or 'print preview'. Check the margins and decrease the bottom margin and top if you need to. If the margins are too big, your printer will think there won't be enough printable area, and the text might get pushed to the second page or not print at all.

ribbon 1 red ribbon 1 green ribbon 1 blue ribbon 1 yellow
The above ribbons come in 9 different colors.