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Reward somebody today! 123Certificates offers free rewards,

printable St. Patrick's Day bookmark awards, a free bookmark maker

. These are St. Patrick's Day reading awards that you can use for

March reading contests


best reader rewards

phonics awards

, most improved student, or for any other reading success.

Take a look at the previews.  If you like one then make it up. Just click on any of the previews

Custom St. Patrick's Day bookmarks: clovers, leprechauns, pot of gold, rainbows, caps

, and more!
St. Patrick's 1 St. Patrick's 2 St. Patrick's 3 St. Patrick's 4

St. Patrick's 5 St. Patrick's 6 St. Patrick's 7 St. Patrick's 8

Check out the reading certificates for more possible reading awards.

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